COMMIT TO YOURSELF: With the quickly approaching New Year, many of us get caught up in making new resolutions. This year, instead of making a list of things you will quit doing, (quit smoking, quit drinking, quit eating sweets or junk food), try adding simple things to do FOR yourself. Just one or two to start, “redesigning” your entire life will only add to your frustration or stress. Add one piece of fruit or serving of veggie to a daily meal, add 15 minutes of stretching or a brisk walk to your daily routine, add one more glass of water to your daily intake, add 15 minutes of “me” time/meditation to your morning to help you be grounded though out your busy day. By “adding” a little something to your life for YOU instead of taking something away, you will feel less deprived. Every step you take toward claiming your own good health will have a beneficial effect on your life and will make it easier to make other changes as time goes on.