ZIPPY CONDIMENTS FOR A HAPPY BELLY – One of the new trends in supplements these days is adding probiotics to aid in digestion. Many of us eat diets high in processed foods or have relied too heavily on antibiotics and accidentally killed off the “good” bacteria our guts need to properly process the food we eat. Instead of paying big bucks for packaged probiotics, we can add these friendly microbes back into our bodies by making sure we get some cultured or fermented foods every day. Some examples include: yogurt, kefir, olives, pickles, salsa, sauerkraut, sourdough bread, chocolate, vanilla, Tabasco, horseradish, raw apple cider vinegar, tamari, kimchi, crème fraiche, chutney and wine. Getting even a small portion (think condiment) of one of these foods every day can aid in helping restore the natural balance of microbes in our bodies, allowing us to get the most out of the foods we eat with fewer digestive problems. Adding probiotics to a diet has been shown to decrease IBS and other digestive problems.

When buying any of these foods, read all labels carefully to make sure you are getting active cultures. Any product that has been pasteurized has killed off the friendly microbes as well as the non-friendly. Look for organic products in the refrigerated section at your grocers, buy from farmer’s markets or even try making your own.

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