MAKE TIME TO EAT FOR IBS – With the fast paced life many of us lead it can be difficult to find/take time away from our desk/responsibilities to sit down to a meal. So many of us eat on the run, often eating too fast, eating without tasting, eating while multitasking, putting food into our bellies while our while we are already under stress it is not surprising we are becoming a nation of people with chronically upset guts. Make the time to eat in peace: step a way from your desk, turn off the TV, the phone, and the computer. If you are on a tight enough schedule that you at times eat in your car, find a quiet place to pull over. I’m not talking about setting aside time for a several course meal, just enough time to slow down and be aware of what you are eating.

Take a few deep breaths before you begin. You may find you enjoy your food more and actually eat less. Try this for a couple of weeks, you may just find the difference it makes in your daily life to be worth the time it takes.

More hints to reduce the effects of IBS? Schedule small frequent meals to avoid a becoming so hungry that you might eat too fast or too much. Don’t drink water for about half an hour before meals to avoid the risk of rinsing away the “friendly bacteria” that aid digestion form your intestinal tract.